House Rules


We love fashion. We really do. But to enter our restaurant you have to be properly dressed. Tracksuits, tank tops, swimwear or sports jerseys are not allowed. Our staff members know what's okay and allowed to wear at The Gyros Club, so please accept their opinion.

Zero Tolerance

We live for great parties and good times, for everyone. Our zero-tolerance policy includes the use and the distribution of drugs, rude behavior, and being drunk af. We're all grown-ups. Act civilized and we'll all have a great time.

Please be kind

Guests who cause trouble in any form to employees or other visitors will be asked to leave the restaurant (or the terrace).


We love pets. We even have pets ourselves. But pets are not allowed inside the restaurant. They are welcome on our terrace.

Violation of our house rules

Violation of the house rules may lead to a request to leave our location. Failure to comply with this request may lead to removal by the competent authorities.